Looking to buy mens or womens good quality swimsuit or swimwear?

Before you buy your next swimsuit think of this.


We are here to help you locate the high quality swimwear or swimsuits made for your body style and taste. Bathing suit or swimwear shopping can be frustrating. Whether you are a man or a woman, finding that alluring swimsuit that is stylish and comfortable can be a challenge. We will cover the following issues when swim suit searching, Fabrics,Elastic and Stitching.


We have the largest selection of women's top and bottom styles that range from micro to full and coverage. This is a personal preference. People looking for tanning suits will seek something with more skin exposure. If a fit woman is looking for sexy swimwear to compete in bikini contest, she will want to consider thongs, T backs and g string thongs coupled with triangle or other skimpy Brazilian tops. www.skinzwear.com designer swimsuits span the complete spectrum of swimsuit styles from mild to wild. The newest designs now include the low rise and very-low-rise swim bottoms so popular with girls and young women.

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Swimwear Fabrics


A quality swimsuit is made from tricot® nylon-lycra®. These bathing suits have true 4-way stretch and allow freedom of movement when you are swimming. Raschelle nylon/lycra®'s do not have the stretch characteristics of the Tricot® versions. Raschelle's tend to stretch adequately in one direction, but, have only about 50% stretch in the perpendicular direction. Suits made from raschelle's will fit more snugly than suits made from Tricot®, if cut from the same pattern.


Swimsuit Elastic


A quality swimsuit is made with rubber elastic that has been treated with Silicone®, to protect it from chlorine and salt (ocean water). Pools, spas and hot tubs are extremely harsh on swimwear. The high chlorine content will fade the fabric and destroy the elastic. Woven elastic is more susceptible to the adverse effects of chlorine bleach. Suits are put together, in part, with a serger sewing machine. These machines trim off fabric as they sew. If woven elastic is "nicked" with the serger knife it will begin to unravel. The rubber elastic in not bothered by a little nick. Rubber elastic is harder to sew with and more expensive, but it is worth it !


Bathingsuit Stitching


Good fitting bathing suits or swimwear will feature zig-zag stitching that allows, by design, more stretch and comfort than other stitch styles. Straight stitching is faster, and cheaper, but not a good application for swimwear.