hot and trendy fabrics for a good quality swimsuit or swimwear?

Trendy colorfull fabrics for swimwear


A quality swimsuit is made from tricot® nylon-lycra®. These bathing suits have true 4-way stretch and allow freedom of movement when you are swimming. Raschelle nylon/lycra®'s do not have the stretch characteristics of the Tricot® versions. Raschelle's tend to stretch adequately in one direction, but, have only about 50% stretch in the perpendicular direction. Suits made from raschelle's will fit more snugly than suits made from Tricot®, if cut from the same pattern.


Below are a few groupings of our swim wear fabrics. Swimwear fabrics generally contain nylon and lycra. There are two basic types of swimsuit fabrics, Tricot nylon/lycra and Raschelle nylon/lycra and Cire' nylon/lycra..


Tricot fabrics are a better quality with true four way stretch. We also stock some unique and exotic fabrics. Please review the list below.


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Tan Thru: The perfect tan starts with the perfect tan thru bathing suit.

Binding: narrow nylon lycra, used to trim swimsuits.

Clearcoat nylon lycra: clear dots fused over a fabrics, durable and very shiny.

Cotton lycra: normally 90% cotton and 10% lycra. Soft and sweat absorbent, great for the gym or street.

Holographic nylon lycra: Holographic fabrics are awesome in the sunlight or in night club lights. They either have glitter embedded in the fabric, or have “shattered glass” foil or rainbow colored foil embedded in the fabric. Some of the Holographic fabrics have tiny metallic dots embedded in the fabric or coated on the fabric. If you want to glitter, these fabrics are for you!

Metallic nylon lycra: Metallic Nylon Lycra® or Nylon/Spandex®, or Foil coated. Must be seen to be believed. Less durable but very shiny. Metallic fabrics are speciality fabrics. Not for everyday use. Save for special occasions. Metallic fabrics are more delicate and susceptible to abrasion. 4-way stretch. They look awesome in the sunlight, on stage, or under nightclub lights.

Printed nylon lycra: Normally 80% nylon and 20% lycra. Printed nylon/lycra. Sheer nylon lycra, Can be : thin, but not cheap, nylon lycra, stretch mesh nylon/lycra, printed stretch mesh nylon/lycra or lace nylon/lycra. We make lots of special order see thru swimsuits. We stock some sheer bikinis.

Solid Color nylon lycra: Normally 80% nylon and 20% lycra. Solid color nylon/lycra.

Stretch Vinyl nylon lycra: Tricot nylon lycra with a PU coating. Glossy. Less stretchy. Great for club wear.

Rubber nylon lycra
: This fabric looks and feels like a thin sheet of a stretchy nylon/spandex. The stretch Rubber Looks are unique fabrics. Will deliminate if worn too tight. This fabric can be used to make most of our styles.

Wet Look nylon lycra: nylon lycra that has been brushed (sanded) then put thru a heat treatment. Shiny. Less stretchy. Also know as Cire' nylon/lycra.


Now we have the unique ability at SKINZWEAR® to design your own swimsuit or swimwear. We give you the freedom to pick any style (cut) we make, pick any fabric we have, then choose any size you want (between XXS and XXXL). Have it your way ! The additional fee is only $10 (per piece) for this custom service. Quite a bargain for this unique service ! Just visit Our Design Center pages, it will help you visualize your new and unique swimsuit or swimwear before you buy. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Choose a generic swimsuit or catsuit style.

2) Pick from our fabric icons to "superimpose" one onto the style

3) Presto Change-O, see your creation !